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I am a freelance writer, researcher and editor living in Twisp, Washington. I write for newspapers, magazines and web sites. Non-profit clients also contract me to research, write and edit white papers, reports, marketing materials for web and print, and grants. Freelancing supports my passions: Wilderness adventure, print and book arts, and growing and eating fresh food.

"Green" development planned for Twisp

As many as 18 new homes at the end of Twisp’s Riverside Avenue will form an environmentally sensitive and affordable “cottage community,” according to developer Craig Bunney. More

Cub Scout's Lobbying Engages Congressman (National Psoriasis Foundation)

A news release for the National Psoriasis Foundation

Cub Scout's lobbying engages Congressman in spreading awareness of psoriasis

NEW FREEDOM, Penn. (April 28, 2008)—When most people think of a lobbyist, they don't think of a 9 year old. But Cub Scout Nicholas Stem of New Freedom has already traveled to Washington, D.C. twice to ask Congress for help. He found that help and support from Representative Todd Platts of Pennsylvania's 19th district.... Read full news release

Access Action Guide (National Psoriasis Foundation)

Patient education piece edited for the National Psoriasis Foundation. Link to PDF